The Online Creators Guide

Grow A Massive Online Audience By Avoiding These 5 Mistakes

"Kurtis is an incredible communicator and has the ability to communicate complex topics in a simple and actionable manner."
- Richmond Alake

A 5-day course on how to build an online audience.Learn to get attention FAST.The 5 biggest mistakes new creators make (and how to easily avoid them).

Everything you need to become a professional online creator, and build a massive audience.

Written by Kurtis Pykes, a Top 6% creator in the Medium Partner Program.

These lessons are how I...
• Attracted over 36,000 followers on Medium & LinkedIn
• Accumulated millions of views
• Built the foundations of my online business.

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Mistake #1: Posting inconsistently – and why this will make readers lose interest in your content.Mistake #2: Not building an email list – and why this will prevent you from forming a connection with your audience.Mistake #3: Not specifying your audience – and why this will make nobody follow you.Mistake #4: Ignoring the data – and why this leads to poor decision-making.Mistake #5: Not defining a clear objective – and why this will waste resources on unnecessary things.

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